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Chile is a beautiful country offering a full range of opportunities and possibilities. According to BBC News, Chile is one of South America’s most prosperous and stable countries. Within Latin America, Chile stands out as a leader in economic freedom, social peace, income per capita, human development and relatively low corruption.

How Will Chile Relocation Coaching or Expatriate Coaching Help You?

Relocating to Chile is going to require some adaptations and a willingness to learn. As an expatriate coach and relocation coach, I empower my clients with the following opportunities:

  • Adapting to Chilean culture
  • Managing procrastination, anxiety and overwhelm
  • Reducing relocation stress
  • Business development consulting
  • Networking with Chileans
  • Goal setting and objective completion
  • Balancing professional and personal life
  • Decision-making strategies
  • Self-confidence development
  • Relaxation techniques to enhance foreign language learning
  • Adapting your skill sets to a new culture

Expatriate Coaching & Relocation Coaching Will:

  • Identify your hidden fears and insecurities
  • Clarify your personal relocation process and needs
  • Explore possibilities and navigate concerns
  • Mitigate unconscious self-sabotage and panic
  • Ensure more balance and fulfillment
chile expatriate coach

Relocation Coaching in Santiago Chile

santiago relocation coaching

Relocating to Santiago, Chile creates a new opportunity in all areas of your life. It will be an adventure and full of challenges that I can help you to manage and overcome. From my perspective, the best part about relocating to Chile is that you will have personally measurable aspects of your life that you can use to enhance your personal development.

Not only will you be faced with professional challenges that require you to adapt to your environment, but you will also experience personal challenges that affect you and possibly your family. The best – and only way from my perspective – is to learn how to manage your emotional states and maintain an objective perspective on all situations.

A Santiago Relocation Coach Will Empower You To:

  • Maintain your sanity during the challenges of relocating
  • Remain inspired, positive and motivated
  • Identify what you (and your family) require to have a fulfilling life in Chile
  • Enhance your well-being and willpower
  • Discover your underlying purpose and motivation
  • Enhance your sense of confidence and self esteem
  • Establish healthy professional and personal relationships


Relocation Coaching Santiago Chile

Santiago Chile Expatriate Coaching & Training

It is estimated that approximately 33% of expatriate assignments end in failure or early termination. The typical amount of time an expatriate stays with an employer is roughly nine months which results in unnecessary costs for both the individual and the employer. The two primary reasons why most overseas assignments to Chile fail to work is because the individual (and family) struggle to integrate within the Chilean culture and Chile does not feel like home.

The Most Effective Way to Ensure that You Want to Live In Chile is Through Expatriate Coaching

The Chile expatriate coaching services that I offer focus upon the following elements:
  • Understanding Chilean Values

  • The Rules of Doing Business in Chile

  • Cultural Norms and Cultural Intelligence in Chile

  • How to Make Chile Your Home

  • How to Facilitate Your Family Living in Chile

  • How to Establish Realistic Expectations for Life in Chile as an Expatriate

  • How to Optimize Your Learning of Chilean Spanish

 Because I am a personal development coach with an emphasis on Neuro-Linguistic Programming (NLP) and Ericksonian Hypnosis, I offer a unique combination of techniques and skills to facilitate your adaptation to Chilean culture.

Who Are My Ideal Relocation Coaching or Expatriate Coaching Clients?

Individuals looking for a new beginning

People facing major life transitions

Someone wanting to reinvent themselves

Entrepreneurs wanting to create in Chile

Santiago Chile Relocation Coaching and Chile Expatriate Coaching Topics Offered


Advanced Communication

Team Building

Managing Change and Transitions

Stress Management

Fear and Anxiety Management

Personal Relationship Enhancement

Lifestyle Planning

Work / Life Balance


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Expatriate Coaching in Chile – Santiago Relocation Coaching Expert

Expatriation and relocation to Chile is probably not exactly what it used to be because we live in a much smaller world. Globalization offers many of the luxuries, resources and necessities that you have in your home country. It isn’t as difficult as it used to be to relocate to Chile and maintain your quality-of-life. Many families and found that they can relocate to Chile and experience the same quality of life if not a higher quality of life. There will be certain adjustments to Chilean culture that are necessary but in time both you and your family can learn Chilean Spanish and also establish Close friendships with Chileans.

Relocating to Chile Advice

The question still remains: how can you most effortlessly relocate yourself and your family to Santiago, Chile? Many global organizations are finding that Chile is a desirable location for their business expansion and they bring experienced professionals from various countries. There is actually a significant number of expatriates and people moving to Chile because of business relocations. Expatriate coaching in Chile and relocation coaching in Chile, in addition to relocation workshops and consulting, are powerful resources for people moving to Chile for the first time. When coaching is combined with new learning experiences, such as moving to a foreign country, it is been found that productivity nearly doubles as opposed to the individual receiving no coaching whatsoever.

What is Chile relocation coaching?

So what does relocation coaching consist of…? Coaching for an individual relocating to Chile helps the individual to identify their values, goals, beliefs and also to discern what their unconscious fears and anxieties might be. Then a series of homework assignments, activities, in-state management techniques and strategies are developed that are appropriate to this specific individual’s situation. Relocation coaching is not therapy. The focus is not on trying to understand why something happened in the past and how that affects the individual today, But rather how the individual can change today and create a different future.

If you are relocating to Chile or considering Chile as an expatriate option then definitely contact Michael Emery today regarding relocation coaching.